about mk

mk harris is a cool dude currently located in vancouver, bc, canada. they work at titmouse vancouver as a colour stylist on dreamworks' upcoming project archibald, but have done a whole mess of things, including: background paint on little big awesome and captain underpants, after effects animation on little big awesome, scene setup for future worm and home: the adventures of tip and oh, key animation and builds on pickle and peanut, board revisions on total drama presents: the ridonculous race, and probably some other weird stuff. if they know how to do it, they'll do it!

most of their free time is taken up by working on their comic projects, such as collapse and icarus, or being a mediocre but dedicated support main in overwatch


email: mkharrisart@gmail.com

linkedin: mk harris

twitter: @hospitalvespers

instagram: @skahealot

cool things you could contact me about:
• job opportunites
• comic anthologies
• commissions
• professional wrestling
• jojo's bizzare adventure

faq: mk is, in fact, my real full name